Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Fun!

What a fun weekend we enjoyed! We spent both Saturday and Sunday swimming with friends...a great treat to beat our Valley heat!

Saturday we visited my hometown and enjoyed a reunion of sorts. My parents best friends invited us all down for a day of swimming with their kids and grand kids. If you ever want to feel old, watch the little boy you used to babysit play with his own children in the pool!! Ack! In all, we had five children under 5 years old! What fun though! There were the beginning moments of shyness, but those were quickly displaced by belly laughs and squirt gun battles. Miss Ellie found herself as the only girl and rather liked flirting with all the boys...including the now grown man I used to babysit!

Miss Ellie and the boys! Mitchell, Ellie, Carter, Hunter, and Tanner

On Sunday we retreated to Hanford to spend some quality time with one of my dearest friends and her family. We enjoyed some swimming, some yummy barbecue, and some playtime for the kids. It was such a treat to relax in the pool and paddle around with the kids. I love spending time with my Hanford buddy because she is one of those rare souls who truly likes me for who I am faults and all! She is the friend who would not mind a bit if she found you rooting around in the fridge for a snack. Both Todd and I love visiting because her and her hubby's house is as comfortable to us as our house.

Cuter kids than this!?!? I think not! Little Mr. Griffin is on the left and Mitchman and Riley are on the right.


zenmom said...

You MUST send me pictures! :) We had a blast, too. We always love hanging out with you guys. I only wish we could do it more. :)

simplyme said...

I am going to order copies of the photos for you! :-) Isn't Griffin adorable??? Girl, you make cute babies! :-)

zenmom said...

Yours are pretty darned adorable, too, missy!