Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home at Last!

Thankfully I made it home from Baltimore with nary a travel glitch. Something to note in the record books! I practically exploded with excitement when I opened the front door and my children literally screamed with glee that I was home. Between them, the dogs, and my hubs, I received a warm welcome home! The kids immediately started rooting through my suitcase to find the treasures I brought home for them. I learned that Baltimore is not big on trinkets for the under 5 year old crowd. I was happy that Mitchell thought the huge rubber crab I brought back for him rocked. And, Miss Ellie promptly replaced her shirt with the new, bright pink one I brought home that proclaims she is a "sweet pea."

The meeting was a good one. It was very information packed which made it fly by. I didn't adjust to EST very well this go around, And, now that I am back to my normal time zone and my normal routine I am really messed up. I hope to be leveled out in a couple days. I had a dream the other night that I was napping. That is a throw back to the days when my children were newborns and sleep was something I literally dreamed about. I can always tell I am behind on sleep when I get the hiccups and when sleep enters my dreams.

It is delightful to be home! The kids are keeping an eye on me as they always do when I return. They don't want to turn around and find me gone. How lucky am I to be so loved!?!?

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