Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Three Amigos

Our nephew Lukas came to spend the night with us this weekend. Mitchell was ecstatic! Three kids made for a pretty full house! I have such respect for single parents and parents with more than two children. What a challenge! I felt more like a referee than a parent!

We had fun with Sir Luke and enjoyed his visit though he and Mitch can be ornery when teamed up! For dinner we had hot dogs, fruit, baked beans, and macaroni salad that we got from the deli. We asked Luke if he liked the macaroni salad and he replied, "Well, it's different." He was so serious and sincere that it was just too funny!

Now, I am in Baltimore for work. I made it with just one little hiccup in my air travel. Our plane arrived but our pilot was stuck in Chicago. Once our pilot arrived we were good to go. I wasn't upset as this was so minor compared to past travel woes. I figured the two-hour delay made for a better chance of my luggage making the connection with me. So, I am ticking off the days until I am back home with my hubs and my kiddos. I have completely lost my voice so the kids are a bit weary of talking to me on the phone. I say, "Mitchell it's Mommy!" and I can almost hear the crickets on the other end of the line. I am sure their alarm bells in their minds are screaming, "Stranger danger!" Thankfully, my husband assures them that it is Mommy but I can just imagine the looks they give him as they think, "Whatever you say, but have you heard this creepy, raspy voice?"

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