Tuesday, November 19, 2013

60 Days of Insanity

In an effort to get myself back in shape I have committed to a 60 day challenge. Last summer, I bought a used copy of the Insanity DVD workout. I did precisely one workout. So, when I stumbled upon a trainer offering limited enrollment into her 60 day challenge, I requested to be considered. I was accepted for the challenge and I am using my Insanity DVD's and last. Yes, I had to brush a layer of dust of the DVD jacket. The best part is - I am sore! I know by my soreness that my muscles are being used and targeted!  They are getting tone!

A fit person does not a runner make! I run consistently. My heart is strong and my legs are strong but I noticed my belly was jiggly and my arms had developed bat wings. And, not like cool Batgirl bat wings...like flab bat wings. The kind that flap and don't fly (Aw! That sounds like Opus the Penguin!). But, upon recognizing my lack of overall fitness I found I still struggled with getting up and completing a workout that did not involve running. I horrified myself with the realization that I was being lazy! Laziness positively freaks me out. I fear becoming a lazy person. I am so high-strung that the mere thought of lackluster living frightens me to the core. 

Amazing book!

So, to have found a motivation group thrills me. For 60 days I am encouraged and inspired. I am accountable. I have to do my part to stay in the group. I have to report my daily exercises and I have to follow my Insanity schedule. I still run so I am really giving myself a wake up call. I know I cannot slack. I have to tow the line. It works for me. I needed to be held accountable to begin this transformation. I am hopeful that at the end of 60 days it will just be a new routine at that point. It, like running, will just be what I do. And, hopefully I will shed my uncool wings!

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