Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shout Out Across the Seas!

One thing I love about having a blog is seeing the audience that reads it. Most folks reside in the grand USA but I do have readers in Russia, Poland, and even the Ukraine! I give a hearty shout out to my friends across the ocean! I did have a small contingent from Latvia for a bit but I think they grew weary of my musings from Smokey Acres.

I would be delighted to hear from my counterparts across the seas about life in their world. I am an exceedingly curious person (OK. I am very nosy!) and I think it would be fascinating to hear what life is like in your neck of the woods. 

Where I sit now it is a chilly  53 degrees outside. The sun is shining though so things are warming up. I am in my home office getting ready to tackle the work day ahead. My work laptop is humming away in the background holding e-mails I need to answer and projects I need to tackle. There is no rest in college publishing...seriously...this job is like air traffic control on a busy day. Who knew working in publishing would be like wrestling an angry octopus on a daily basis? For a job I thought I would kick around in for a couple years, I find myself still here 13 years later. I must like herding eight-legged sea creatures.

As I switch chairs to settle into my work space I wish all everyone out in the world that takes a gander at this post an awesome day! Thanks for stopping by in the course of your busy day! My hope is that you experience something truly amazing today in your world!

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