Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No PR for me!

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent Saturday morning running the Two Cities Marathon and Half in Fresno, California. I don't say "competing" because really - there was no way I was in contention to win anything. I only challenge myself at these things. When I finally saw my official race results and cringed! I was 14 seconds shy of beating my personal record (PR) that I set in 2009. Drat! So, so close! 

I reasoned that I was older now...my time was still applause worthy...I finished on my own two feet...and those extra seconds I burned on the course were when I was high-fiving my kids and my friends and family that were cheering me on. So really, those extra 14 seconds were well spent. And, now, I still have a goal to beat. I still have a challenge before me. 

Oh, and while I lagged on the PR I still burned 1453 calories! That is something snazzy!

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