Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My son received the character counts award for school. The characteristic he was awarded was respect. I am so proud of him. As parents we do our best to teach our children to be good little people and then we send them out into the world. It is what they do in the world away from our watchful eyes that really matters.

Last year my son received the characteristic of trustworthy. His teacher said he received the award because, even if he implicated himself, my son always told the truth. His lip may quiver, his eyes may scan the floor, but my son will tell you the truth as he knows it to be.

He told me last week that he received the respect reward because his teacher said no one is as respectful as he is. He respects her, his classmates, and himself. He respects the rules and follows them though once in awhile his giggles get the best of him and he has to be re-directed.

It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy knowing that he leaves for school each day and moves through the world as a good person. I have watched him interact with younger children who are in awe to have an older classmate acknowledge them. I have see him High Five the custodian. I have heard how he sticks up for his friends against bullies. And, his little sister always tells of something told her at lunch. 

Mitchell makes time for everyone. He is not bogged down by labels and classifications. If he likes you, you are his friend. If you are an authority figure, he will respect you. If you need a hand, he will lend you one. If you need a smile, he will provide that too.

He is a good kid. I am so thankful that God blessed me with my kids and my husband. OK...some days, I really want to run for the hills! But, on days like today I remember what makes my tribe so awesome!

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