Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grumpiness at the Acres

Today was a rough morning at Smokey Acres. My daughter who is 7, woke up angry and loaded for bear. She was in a foul mood and wanted to make sure no one else was happy. She fought with her brother, argued with me, and screamed at her dad. She stomped around and cried and yelled. It was not pleasant.

I don't remember my son behaving like this at 7. I might have blocked it out. This is a rough age for my daughter. She it caught between wanting to still be a baby but also wanting to assert more independence. She is not only challenging for us but for herself. She gets so mad at herself for acting out and wants everything to immediately go back to normal. She is a sticky widget right now.

School mornings are the hardest. Aside from myself, no one in my tribe is a morning person. I wake the kids up at 6:30 just so they can have a full 30 minutes to accept it is morning and consume some breakfast. On weekends they sometimes sleep in as late as 9:30. Mornings are just not their thing.

My son wakes up very sullen but he moves and shuffles through the routine. My daughter wakes up mad and fights every step of getting ready. She grumbles about breakfast, She screams about her clothes. She argues about her how to wear her hair. She spits her toothpaste out like a viper spitting venom. I know she sounds like a brat but the thing is, she is the funniest and spunkiest kid I have ever met. She loves her family and loves her animals. Mornings are just not her cup of tea and they leave me drained once she is off to school.

I might look back on these years and laugh about them...if I survive them. But, right now, I am just trying to not mess up too badly. I am trying to mold and shape this fiery little creature. I am trying to reign her in a bit without crushing her spunk. This is a day by day adventure and sometimes it is a minute by minute one. 

Raising a daughter...I think it might be easier to be pecked to death by chickens.

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