Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best Conversation of the Weekend!

My son's friend came over for a play date on Saturday afternoon. Well, they are both 9 years old now so maybe they aren't called play dates anymore? I am not sure. Let's say, my son's friend came over to hang out.

Anyhow, they were hanging out in the backyard and our dog starts barking ferociously at our neighbor. He is coming through a side gate with a hung bouquet of flowers freshly cut from his garden. I go greet him and thank him and apologize for our over-protective dog. I say all of this with waving arm gestures and an expressive face because he doesn't speak English. He laughs and pats my hand and goes back to his yard. He is the nicest man. At almost 90 he is more active than most people my age!

As I return to our yard I hear my daughter tell my son's friend, "Our neighbor is so nice. He only speaks Spanish."

The friend replies, "Really? That is cool. He seems really nice. You can talk to him in Spanish. You can say, 'Aloha, compadre!'"

Ellie looks completely fascinated.

She replies, "Wow! That is so fancy! I usually just say, 'Hola!'"

We will see if my neighbor now gets greeted Hawaiian style! 

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