Monday, November 11, 2013

We Bought a Beast

Yesterday my husband purchased the ugliest pick-up known to man. It is 1997 Dodge Diesel. It has seen better days. Actually many, many better days. The only thing that surprised me is that the title was not salvaged. It has not been destroyed...just very well used. 

My husband knew what he wanted - an earlier model, extended cab diesel pick-up. He sold our F150 Ford crew cab and set out on his quest. The challenge was finding a diesel for the right price. Because of the rising cost of gasoline and the mileage an older model can get per gallon the diesels are in high demand.

But, my husband has a special talent. He restores old cars for a living. He set out to by the most mechanically sound vehicle he could find regardless of cosmetic appeal. In his research he stumble across a mechanic selling the beast that would soon become ours. I cannot emphasis how ugly this truck is. Though its appearance can make a person weep, the thing runs like a top! It has a brand new transmission with only 200 miles on it. New brakes, new battery. It runs like a cougar. This truck has power.

When I first saw the truck last night I laughed. It struck me as funny. In the morning light I actually could not bear to stare at it. It made me nervous. It is that ugly. I have great faith in my husband's ability but since we forked out money for the thing it did make my pulse quicken. The good news is that my husband was able to get the truck well below market value. And, he already has it out in the paint booth beginning the transformation. Once he has it in a more presentable state I will post before and after pictures. If I post pictures now, our friends and family might host an intervention thinking we have gone mad.

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