Friday, November 1, 2013


The morning after Halloween is never pleasant for us. The kids emerge from their sugar comas in surly moods. They are angry that they must go to school. The sugar leaves them incapable of dressing themselves. They flop on the floor in despair with bed hair that rivals the finest bird nest. They limply wiggle their toothbrushes in their mouths. They slump and shuffle down the hall. The weight of their backpacks is suddenly too great for them to manage. It is tough. But despite the morning after we trek out into the darkness on Halloween and have a spooktacular time collecting treats. 

This year we had a hot dog and a Jedi in our ranks. They were quite a combo! My daughter usually likes princesses and fairies so I was surprised she opted to be a food item. But, she was the cutest hot dog I have ever seen!

We went to a friend's home for a pre-Halloween party  and then took a crop of kids out in search of treats. One of my daughter's friends was a witch and she told her mom, "I never thought I go trick or treating with a hot dog!" 

Our group was eclectic. We had ninjas, princesses, witches, and, we even had Mr. Toad.


And...just like I did 15 years ago...

I had to kiss Mr. Toad again...

So, even though we know the morning after will be dismal, we continue to celebrate the quirkiness of Halloween. I love that the kids get to pretend to be warriors, toads, princesses, and even hot dogs for the night. Memory making in progress!

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