Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Un-Romantic Anniversary

Today my husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary! We are not a particularly romantic couple. The first order of business for me today what to run the local Two Cities Marathon and Half. I didn't run the full marathon...the half is plenty for my aging bones! It was my 12th half - or there abouts. I can recall clearly recall 12 but have this feeling I might be missing one or two. I sign up for the half every year just so I have something to work towards that keeps me in motion. I have determined that should I ever be too feeble to run the half, I will walk those 13.1 miles. I must just keep myself moving.

After the half and a badly needed shower we headed to the movies - with the kids - to see Free Birds. It was ridiculously cute! The kids loved it and I did too. It was silly and fun and it was positively wonderful to just sit. We finished our romantic date for four at Red Robin...Yum! And, we even got a free burger with our Red Robin Royalty card!

When we were first married we would go on weekend getaways for our anniversaries or indulge in fancy dinners. As we have added years and kids to the mix, the need for that has changed. Yes, I love time alone with my husband, but I also dearly cherish family time spent together with the kids. And, in 12 more years, they will have their own plans and lives to tend to. I am good to share my anniversaries for now. Not so romantic but real life. And, I am very thankful for the fellow God placed in my life. My husband has been an amazing gift indeed!


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